River Ebble Wildlife Sightings Survey

Record which species you see when you are out and about near the river Ebble.

Ebble survey and work

Why is Survey Information Important?

Survey information is vital in order to monitor the health of the river Ebble.

Data that is collected by members of the public and volunteers is extremely important and will allow the Wessex Rivers Trust and the Chase & Chalke team identify threats to river health.

This data can then be used to effect positive change for the river habitat as part of the ‘A Crystal Clear Ebble‘ project.

Get Started and Record Your Sightings

Birds, Insects, plants and fish! We want to know about it all…

Enter your sightings on our online survey page. You don’t need to make an account, and with the survey app you can enter sightings on the go!

We have used the technology provided by ArcGIS Survey123.

You can use either your phone, tablet or desktop computer. You can also upload a photo of your sighting.

Chalk Stream Wildlife Sightings Survey

Phone App

Download the Survey123 Field App

Either scan the QR code on this page, or click here.


QR with phone

Once you open the Survey123 Field App, continue without signing in. 

Select the Wildlife Sightings Survey. 

Record your sighting! 

App Survey Phone

Chalk Stream Wildlife Sightings Survey

Desktop Browser

Enter survey Data on your Browser

Follow this link for the ‘Chalk Stream Wildlife Survey’ page where you can register a quick sighting of any type of species you saw by the river Ebble.

  You will not need to create and account or log in to enter a sighting:


Chalk Stream Survey App FAQ: 

I forgot to take a photo of my sighting. Do I need one to enter survey data?
No – you can enter your sighting without a photo.

I can’t get the survey app to download – what do I do?
You can still enter data via the browser link listed above. Alternatively contact our team and we can try to assist you.

Do I need to register my personal information to enter survey data?
No – the survey requires no personal information.

More questions? Please contact rolandhughes@cranbornechase.org.uk with further questions about the Chalk Stream Wildlife Survey.

River Ebble Fixed Point Photography Survey

This is an additional survey that you can add to your Survey123 App. 

The ‘Fixed Point Photography’ survey helps to monitor change annually or through the seasons. Fixed point photography is used extensively as a technique to monitor changes in protected areas and the more people who are able to use this on the Ebble the better so please download the apps and get involved.

Scan the QR code with your phone and you’ll be able to access this additional photography based survey.

QR code