Nurturing Nature Training Opportunities

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A New Wave of Wildlife Surveyors

As part of the Nurturing Nature project, the Chase & Chalke team are organising expert training in a variety of new survey skills. 

The special landscapes of the Chase & Chalke area are currently under-recorded. The ‘Nurturing Nature’ project aims to address this by training members of the public in the skills needed to become wildlife surveyors.

Why is Survey Information Important?

Survey information is vital in order to monitor the health of different habitats.

Data that is collected by members of the public and volunteers is extremely important and will allow the Chase & Chalke Partnership to identify threats to habitat health.


Free Training Courses with the ‘Nurturing Nature’ Project

Our new surveyors will get expert training in variety of new survey skills.

Training will take place both in the field and in other locations, and will include session from beginner to more advanced.

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Chalk Grassland Surveying

  • Chalk Grassland Species
  • Butterflies of Chalk Grassland 
  • Orchid ID on Chalk Grassland 

Woodland Survey

  • Butterflies of Woodlands & Wider countryside/Hedgerows 
  • Woodland Birds 
  • Tree Identification & Survey 
  • Veteran Trees and Their Survey 
  • Hedgerow Survey
  • Woodland Botany
  • Introduction to Fungi

Farmland Survey

  • Bats 
  • Farmland Birds 
  • Farmland Mammal Survey

Additional Specialist Training

harvest mouse

If trainees are keen, they will be able to develop their skills across different specialist species groups and, as volunteers, will then help us survey as many key habitats and important species within the Chase & Chalke area as possible.  

Specialist species group include:

  • Harvest Mouse Survey
  • Bats – Introduction to Acoustic ID
  • Dormouse Survey and Monitoring
  • Moth Trapping
  • & More

Working with Farmers and Landowners

We’ll be working with local farmers and landowners to undertake surveys on their land to develop a landscape-scale approach to surveys and to identify where habitat improvements could be made.

How to Get Involved

Register on our Volunteer Hub today and you’ll be able to keep up to date with training opportunities from the ‘Nurturing Nature’ project, as well as our other Chase & Chalke here graphic