Community Poet in Residence

Chase & Chalke are working with our Resident Community Poets to deliver a series of workshops and events to celebrate the creation of the written and spoken word.

Chase & Chalke Community Poet

Akulah Agbami

Akulah Agbami has been supporting young people and adults on a wide variety of poetic itineraries for thirty years.

She is a qualified teacher and experienced writer and poet, and comes with a wealth of experience hosting and delivering workshops, and working with the public to nurture their creativity through poetry, words, and creative reflection.


Akulah’s residency is called Cherish, which invites and instigates parallels between our care and understanding of the natural environment and our care and understanding of ourselves. 

Cherish will take part over a series of workshops with community groups and members of the public. Cherish also takes part over walks, and thought online workshops as well.

How to Get Involved

If you or your community group would like to get involved with a poetry workshop with Akulah during her residency with Chase & Chalke, then please email