Poetry Boxes

As part of the Words in the Landscape project, Poetry Boxes have been placed in the Chase & Chalke landscape area in order to capture your response to the landscape through words.

Poetry Boxes

Starting in 2021, the Chase & Chalke team have been placing Poetry Boxes in locations accessible by local communities and visitors. 

These boxes contain cards and pencils, so you can jot down any rhymes, words, ramblings and reflections that the landscape inspires in you, and then leave in the box.

Words, prose, poems, songs and sketches are all welcome. These treasures will be regularly collected from the boxes and will be compiled into an online resource available on this website through the length of the Chase & Chalke project and beyond. The most notable offerings will be collected and made into a book.

We encourage you to breathe deeply and inhale your inspiration from the landscape around you.

The team would like to say a big thank you to all those who contributed the 60-odd poems and sketches over the course of summer 2021.

To learn more about the project, or to get involved, contact Charlottemoreton@cranbornechase.org.uk.

2021 Poetry Box Contributions

To view some of the contributions we collected from you in 2021 please click on the link below.

Poetry Box Locations 2022

Currently the Poetry Boxes are located in the following places:

  • Win Green
  • Fontmell Down
  • Martin Down National Nature Reserve