Elm Trees: Past, Present and Future with local Dairy Farmer, Peter Shallcross


 Mon 26/04/2021
 7:30 pm - 8:30 pm

Peter Shallcross is a passionate advocate for the elm tree. Find out about work going on that gives hope for their long-term survival.

Elm trees have been part of our landscape for thousands of years and their story is closely bound up with ours. Since Dutch Elm Disease ravaged elm populations in the 1970’s much work has been going on identifying the remarkable survivors and breeding resistant elms. In this talk Peter will introduce us to the complex and fascinating story of elms in our landscape and ultimately gives hope for the future.

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children bug hunting
Children looking for bugs while planting disease resistant elm trees in Cranborne Chase AONB

Peter has been the chair of the Tisbury Natural History Society since March 2018 and a member since the 1980s. His fascination for butterflies has lead to an interest in all wildlife and ecology, and he is constantly amazed by the hidden details and beauty of nature.

Within the constraints of being a conventional dairy and arable farmer, he encourages wildlife where possible by creating habitats in his farm. He is a board member of the Nadder Valley Farmer Cluster, which aims to increase the understanding and encouragement of wildlife by local farmers in their farms.

Peter’s passion for Dutch Elm Resistant elm trees stemmed (excuse the pun) from a visit to Andrew Brookes’ elm nursery at Great Fontley Farm in Hampshire.


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