Half-term seed gathering and harvesting


 Sun 23/10/2022
 10:00 am - 4:00 pm

Seed gathering and spreading in the Melbury Valley – families welcome

The aim of the day is to collect seeds from a range of trees and shrubs from one side of Melbury Valley, and then to spread them through the beech trees at the other side of the valley.

Child holding a poppy seed head

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The beech trees here have been planted and are a ‘monoculture’ meaning there is a lack of diversity growing there.

By spreading the seeds of a variety of species we aim to increase the diversity of plant life and achieve a variation of height, flowers, and of fruit which will benefit insects, birds and animals and encourage them to spread throughout the area.

We will pick the berries and seeds from hawthorn, blackthorn, rosehips, and possibly elder, and hazelnuts. We’ll fill buckets and then take them and spread them, following tracks through the beech trees. We’ll scatter the berries on the sunny edges where we will let nature take over!

This is a gentle activity suitable for all ages and families, but there is a steep descent and steep climb over slightly uneven ground. Sadly, we cannot allow dogs with us due to the presence of livestock. No experience is necessary – just come and join in for as long as you wish, bring food and drink, and clothing suitable for the weather on the day.



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