The archaeology of Cranborne Chase; yesterday and today with Phil Planel


 Mon 08/03/2021
 7:30 pm - 8:30 pm

Phil Planel takes us on an exploration of how the great archaeologists that made their name on and around Cranborne Chase were inspired by the landscape around them.

Phil will talk about how we in turn, in a different age, can also be inspired – though not necessarily always by the same things or in the same way, understanding that each age has its own archaeology and appreciation of past landscapes.

Join Phil as we explore the landscape through an archaeologist’s eyes and find out how you can become involved in our new ground-breaking (excuse the pun) Champions of the Past project where we will be analysing Lidar data, surveying new archaeological sites and excavating some of the most exciting yet still unknown areas of archaeology in our area.

Phil has had a long association with Cranborne Chase AONB, and was instrumental in the success of the Foundations of Archaeology Project between 2015-2017 which celebrated the work of innovative archaeologists Sir Richard Colt Hoare, William Cunnington and General Pitt-Rivers through the evaluation of three archaeological sites associated with these pioneers.

If you would like to get involved in our Champions of the Past project, please contact the Chase & Chalke Scheme Manager Jonathan Monteith





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