The Right Light at Night with Astronomer, Steve Tonkin


 Thu 08/04/2021
 7:30 pm - 8:30 pm

The Right Light at Night

Some artificial light at night is necessary to enable us to live our lives fruitfully and safely but, if it is badly implemented, it can fail in its intended tasks. 

Even worse, its unintended consequences can play havoc with the natural world, harming biodiversity, and even be seriously detrimental to human mental and physical health. Only by understanding light pollution can we mitigate these harmful effects and ensure that light at night is optimised for its intended purposes.

Join astronomer, Steve Tonkin as he explores the issues of light pollution and how we can all help make a difference to our dark skies and the wildlife that depends on them.

This is one of two special talks organised by Steve to help celebrate International Dark Sky Week which runs from 5-12 April.