Long Crichel Bakery


Home of the Famoushedgehogbread, we make sourdough, kamut & yeasted breads the traditional way in Dorset.

Starting with high quality organic ingredients, carefully hand moulding the dough and allowing it time to prove are all crucial to the process. Then using locally sourced wood and the expertise of our artisan bakers, the dough is slipped off the peel, onto the oven floor at just the right time and oven temperature for the perfect loaf.

The Shop is in the same building as the bakery itself. Come and pick up your Long Crichel breads here.  Please see website, or call for opening times.


Long Crichel Bakery
Long Crichel
BH21 5JU


Phone:  01258 830852
Website:  famoushedgehogbakery.co.uk