What Future for Dark Skies with Bob Mizon MBE


 Thu 18/02/2021
 7:30 pm - 8:30 pm

Not all of us are lucky enough to look up at a dark sky and see the amazing show the sky puts on a night-time.

In this talk, Bob Mizon debates the future for our dark skies and looks ahead to question how we can help to reduce light pollution.

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Bob is the co-ordinator of the British Astronomical Association’s Commission for Dark Skies, which aims to turn back the tide of light pollution that has seriously affected our view of the stars over the last fifty years.

Bob Mizon MBE is a graduate in modern languages, but is better known as an astronomer. Having taught French for many years at Poole Grammar School, he embarked on a daring career change in 1996 and is now a planetarium operator.