Richard Burden

Principal Landscape and Planning Officer

Richard Burden

Richard has an MSc in conservation and is a chartered landscape architect specialising in landscape planning and management. He has spent much of his career working with the Heritage Coast and AONB landscapes in and around Dorset and the south-west region. He has experience of the private sector as well as public service, and he also combined consultancy with university lecturing for six years.

Richard has particular interests in sustainable development and landscape character assessment and, in addition to policy formulation, he has provided landscape appraisals for Local Plan Inquiries and planning applications and appeals. One of his largest projects was the Wytch Farm Oilfield in the Dorset AONB. He helped co-ordinate the group of officers from the constituent local authorities for this AONB in its early days.

In the post of Principal Landscape and Planning Officer he has led on a landscape sensitivity study, run seminars, and he works with planning protocol and landscape integration.

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