Cynthia – our mascot

Cynthia is our mascot.

She was sent down to us by the artist Irene Malvezi during lockdown and Cynthia has been the team’s constant companion and source of a few, much-needed laughs.

According to Greek mythology, Cynthia translates as the ‘Moon Goddess’ so we named her after our status as an International Dark Sky Reserve.

She is a happy chicken, but doesn’t like the cold, and she joins us on adventures around Cranborne Chase (find her via #chasingcynthia) so she gets to know her new home, ensuring she has a nice cup of tea on her return.

But, what have chickens got to do with Cranborne Chase? Well, follow our social media pages and you’ll find out…

If you love Cynthia as much as we do you can buy one of her sisters from Irene via her website.