Memories Captured

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Memories Captured is an oral history project which is being delivered in partnership with Blandford Museum. The project aims to invite local people to tell us about their stories and memories. These will be recorded and entered into the archives of the Dorset History Centre.

Led by Blandford Museum, volunteers will help us to uncover and gather stories and living memories. From those who have experienced the Chase & Chalke area, capturing stories of how the land was managed, how wildlife patterns have changed, what craftsmanship and skills were used, such as charcoal making, coppicing, hurdle making and water-meadow management.

All volunteers will receive free training from industry experts in Oral History, Archiving and Historical Research to provide them with the necessary skills to embark on this exciting project.

Oral History and Living Memories


Collecting living memories of the rich and varied history of the area helps to preserve our heritage and allows future generations to understand and appreciate it.

Horses pulling
Horses and cart on Cranborne Chase

We love to see photography of our towns, villages and events from years gone by.

We can see the things people have built and the objects around us, however often the human stories behind them, the tales of the living landscape, are lost.

History is all around us, everything we see around us is a part of the story. History tells us where we’ve come from, shapes who we are and shows us what we have done.

Sharing our stories and memories is really important, so we can understand and appreciate our past, as well as look forward to how we connect with our shared landscape in the future.


Our Aims

Our aim is to train as many volunteers as possible from across the area, including lots of young people, to capture 40 individual stories of rich rural life so they can be shared and preserved.

These stories will also inform many other Chase & Chalke projects, and be compiled as a publication to celebrate the area’s rich landscape and traditions.

Charcoal burningTraining will begin in Autumn 2021.

By capturing these voices and stories we will:

  • Provide content and inspiration for the development of other projects within the Chase & Chalke Scheme’s Cultural Landscape projects.
  • Promote and raise awareness of the rich rural life, agricultural and farming history of the area to thousands of people though sharing the recordings online.
  • Provide a legacy for current and future generations to get an insight into peoples lives and experiences of living and working in this wonderful landscape.

Get Involved


We are looking for people to get involved and participate in this project.

If you have lived or worked in the Chase & Chalke area of Cranborne Chase and would like to share your story with the project, offer insights or feedback, please email

Group memory captureIf you are interested in becoming an interviewer to help us record and preserve peoples stories, we will offer you free training by professionals and provide audio recording equipment and support.

If you would like to volunteer and get involved in this fascinating project, pop over to our volunteering page to find out more. You can also contact Charlotte Moreton, our Heritage and Community Engagement Officer

For more information on the Chase & Chalke Landscape Partnership and our other projects, click here.



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