Be a ‘Big Dipper’

13th May 2024

Stop domestic light pollution on Cranborne Chase International Dark Sky Reserve 

Cranborne Chase International Dark Sky Reserve (IDSR) has launched a new campaign, asking the community to help stop domestic light pollution by being a ‘Big Dipper’, and reducing the artificial light that they use.  

Cranborne Chase was the first National Landscape in the country to be designated in its entirety as an IDSR in October 2019. With exceptional and pristine starry skies, it is the perfect environment to view the constellations.  

As an IDSR, Cranborne Chase pledges to reduce levels of artificial lighting across the National Landscape.  Light pollution caused by artificial lighting not only threatens the ability to clearly see and wonder at our beautiful night skies, but it also has a highly detrimental effect on our wildlife by disrupting ecosystems and changing the natural behaviours of animals and plants. 

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Light pollution is something that everyone can play their part in erasing, protecting the night skies for future generations. Follow these five simple steps in the ‘Big Dipper’ campaign for easy outdoor lighting solutions:  

  1. Only light areas that require lighting.  
  2. Use energy efficient bulbs and only as bright as you need. 
  3. Only use light when you need it. 
  4. Choose warm white light bulbs.  
  5. Consider motion sensor switches. 

You can find out more about Cranborne Chase IDSR and discover the Top Ten Stargazing Locations to see the constellations on our Dark Night Skies pages.